Build a better insurance solution for everyone.

We exist to protect and improve the personal and financial health of all consumers. We meet them wherever they are in life with custom tailored solutions just for them. We motivate them to take actions that improve their life and protect the things they care about.

Better insurance

We believe in the beautiful intersection between humans and machines, a superior place neither could achieve on their own. That spot on the X and the Y where we solve for the perfect combination of both art and science. A delivery of the right insurance solution tailored for each person. We provide a clear, easy path for understanding, reducing, and protecting their risks. We take the complex and make it simple. We are the future of financial protection.

As the world’s leading insurance platform, we’ve created the most advanced technology and data science systems, yet built it all to support the human touch. We provide a unique experience for every consumer that quantifies their risks, resources, and preferences, then guides and motivates them to a better place for their life. No matter where someone is in life, we make it simple to take actions that improve their personal and financial health.



What we do

Our world class team of engineers, data scientists, marketers, architects, designers, and thinkers build systems that enable our advanced science to make humans better. We eliminate waste throughout the insurance ecosystem and calculate the complex into simple, valuable solutions to improve people's lives.

Our systems empower a team of thousands of artists of the insurance trade all over the country that are the best in their field. These artists are Licensed Insurance agents and customer support experts with deep knowledge and passion for their trade.

Leading our way

Michael Rowell

Founder & CEO

Michael Paulus

Founder & President

Allison O'Hair

Chief of Data Science

Michael Westover

Chief Technology Officer

Don Loonam

Chief Operating Officer

John Lorge

Chief Marketing Officer

Simbarashe Rusike

Chief Financial Officer

Gulliver Swenson

Chief Legal Officer

Irene Kwak

Chief of Staff

Will Arora

VP, Engineering

Nicholas Howard

VP, Data Science

Reimagining the role of insurance

Assurance is more than just insurance.

We’re committed to improving the personal and financial health of every consumer we interact with.

We strive to meet every consumer wherever they are in life, provide deep insights on their personal and financial health, and offer solutions that reduce their risks and make their life better.

Where insurance simply provides a check at a time of need, Assurance goes deeper by providing meaningful ways to improve their life in addition to protecting for when things go wrong.

We are humble, driven, and committed to improving the lives of millions.

We are Assurance.